Parents in the Philippines and COVID

In about a month, my parents will make the long 13 hour flight from Manila, Philippines to San Francisco, CA. They have been in the Philippines since December. They were supposed to return in May, but due to COVID they had to extend their stay. Because of the health precautions, Philippine airlines suspended all their flights to and from San Francisco. The health risks of flying in a plane is still high, and because both my parents and seniors and are health compromised, I know that the flight home has several risks. 

Even if the airline enforces masks and physical distance, these precautions don’t guarantee that it will be safe. Passengers will still be breathing recycled air, and people will need to take off their masks to eat. 

It was a difficult decision for my parents, one that they didn’t make lightly. My parents asked me if it was a good idea, and as much as I wanted to say “no” , I knew it was ultimately their decision. My parents want to come home. They miss their children and their only grandchild, Aiza. They want to be close to us after living far apart, halfway across the world, for eight months, the longest we’ve been apart. 

I used to have very judgmental opinions about people who traveled in the time of COVID. I wondered what was so important that people needed to fly. Yes there are folks who travel for recreational reasons, which is fine for some and unacceptable for others. In the case of my parents, who have been inside for 8 months with no sign of COVID, they simply want to come back home to see me and my siblings. How could I say no?

3 thoughts on “Parents in the Philippines and COVID

  1. Hi, She! I used to call california home too. Till the family decided to return to the Philippines more than a decade ago. I will always have so many fond memories of frisco. I pray your parents have a safe journey back home to you. Keep safe, young lady.

    • It’s so great to meet you! What a transition living in CA then to the Philippines. I too have very fond memories of the Philippines. I hope to visit again, soon. Looking forward to getting to know you better through your blog.

  2. I am still uncomfortable to travel because I am not well-informed about how the virus is ‘really’ being transmitted. They used to say it’s airborne but other write-ups strongly contradict that. I can understand the desire to be with family because who doesn’t right? But whatever decisions we’ve come up at this time, let’s just hope for the best!

    Wishing your parents a safe flight!

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