Thunder, lightning and rain in August


Lightning in South San Francisco. Photo taken by Mel Ellison

Just yesterday it was a dry and hot day; it almost reached 90 degrees in South San Francisco (see yesterday’s blog).  Twenty four hours later, it was the complete opposite: we woke up to thunder, lightning and heavy rain…all in the middle of August! For the bay area, going from one extreme to another in a matter of a day, is unheard of. Unlike the tropical islands or even the east coast, California rarely experiences such drastic, peculiar weather. 

People on social media jokingly said “it’s earthquake weather”or that “we are in the next level of Jumanji” or more seriously “it’s an effect of climate change.” No matter the cause, the extreme climate left many people perplexed.

Maybe that’s the beauty of mother nature. Things unfold in no particular pattern.  One moment you’re in one situation and then suddenly you’re in an environment completely different. I like this diversity. Ironically, it reminds me of California.