Good news!

Part of my job requires me to administer Statewide tests to students and notify parents of the outcome. Today, I had the pleasure of notifying parents that their child met all the requirements for RFEP- which basically means that the student “routinely demonstrates fluent English proficiency in order to access grade-level content instruction delivered in English … Continue reading Good news!

How to make Cloth Napkins (super easy)

If anyone wants to learn an easy and simple way to sew napkins, then read this post from Picnic Punk

Picnic Punk

Hello! I bought a sewing machine last week and have been learning how to use it. Here is something easy you can make (that you can take on picnics/use at home instead of wasting paper napkins)

I made these using cotton “fat quarters” that I got from a quilting store. I thought the pattern was pretty cute and these two fabrics kind of matched.

I had no idea what fat quarters were before but supposedly they’re 18″ x 22″ pieces that make a quarter of a standard 1 yard x 44 inch fabric and they’re commonly used in quilting.

You can use 2 different patterns of fat quarters to make 4 napkins (these quarters are like $1-$3 each depending on how pretty you want the patterns to be). So I guess it cost $6 to make 4 napkins but that’s because I went to a quilting store in a rich-people…

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My Monday

Today I attended an impromptu dinner party at my sister's house; this is actually one of the reasons why we moved--to be closer to family and create memories. I can't tell you the last time I attended a dinner party, on a MONDAY. Living away from close friends and family didn't give us the opportunity … Continue reading My Monday