Free Creative Writing Class 

Do you want to write a blog, a book, a song, a poem or do you have a story you want to write but don’t know how to get started? Or are you suffering from a case of writer’s block?
This free creative writing class will take you out of your rut and into practice. In this Saturday workshop, Sheila Enriquez Navarro will help you tease out the creative impulse that has lain dormant beneath obligations, fear, laziness, or just plain confusion at how to get started.
Writers of all types and levels are invited to delve into the fundamentals of craft and process in this relaxing and encouraging environment. We’ll read good writing. We’ll brainstorm ideas, and complete a variety of free-writing exercises. We’ll dive into lively discussions and pause for brief workshops. Most importantly, you’ll find your writing voice.
Throughout the session, students will engage with their personal observations and experience and emerge with ideas and inspiration about how to keep going the day AFTER class ends.
Only 8 spots available. Simply fill out the questionnaire and you will be contacted if you are selected.

***This is a free class and a community art action project on behalf of the English department at Mills College***

***Event for adults only

Here’s the link for the questionnaire: