How to make Cloth Napkins (super easy)

If anyone wants to learn an easy and simple way to sew napkins, then read this post from Picnic Punk

Picnic Punk

Hello! I bought a sewing machine last week and have been learning how to use it. Here is something easy you can make (that you can take on picnics/use at home instead of wasting paper napkins)

I made these using cotton “fat quarters” that I got from a quilting store. I thought the pattern was pretty cute and these two fabrics kind of matched.

I had no idea what fat quarters were before but supposedly they’re 18″ x 22″ pieces that make a quarter of a standard 1 yard x 44 inch fabric and they’re commonly used in quilting.

You can use 2 different patterns of fat quarters to make 4 napkins (these quarters are like $1-$3 each depending on how pretty you want the patterns to be). So I guess it cost $6 to make 4 napkins but that’s because I went to a quilting store in a rich-people…

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